Tanpopo-No-Ye Foundation

A nonprofit organization implementing a wide range of art projects from the standpoint of “art” and “care”. Striving for social inclusion, it carries out projects that ask the public to think about the social significance of art and civil culture. It links with organizations domestically and internationally into networks for promoting a cultural movement, carrying out work of highly public nature.

Able Art Project

Proposing in 1995 the ABLE ART MOVEMENT for forming a new relationship between art and society, the project has been propelling the movement to culturally empower citizens. Endeavoring to ‘socialize’ art and ‘artify’ society, it organizes exhibitions and workshops, operates the Able Art Company, runs “artification” seminars, promotes inclusive design and the ‘discovery of local heritage sites in your neighborhood,’ and other programs.

Care for Caregivers Project

For realizing the “caring society” where people’s caring mind for others and mutual support are valued, this project took up the “Care for Caregivers” as citizens’ research projects in 1999 and founded the “Care for Caregivers Institute” in 2002. It also holds seminars and publishes an information magazine on nursing care.

Wataboshi Project

Song is the invisible bridge connecting hearts. Wataboshi (meaning “dandelion fluff” in Japanese) is the name given to this project in which poems written by people with disabilities are set to a melody and sung by everybody. Wataboshi concerts are held in various places in Japan and the Wataboshi Music Festival is held every summer. The Asia Pacific Wataboshi Music Festival has been held every two years since 1991, connecting hearts throughout the country and across the ocean.

Wataboshi-No-Kai Social Welfare Corporation

The organization aims to support people with disabilities, children, the elderly, and others to live with their fullest possibilities in the community. It provides social services with the viewpoint of “art/care/life” as its pillar of programs. It offers day-time activity/job assistance in which “work” is the production of art, counseling and consultation, and livelihood support, as well as runs an assisted residential unit for persons with disabilities, and meal delivery services, etc.

Nara Tanpopo-No-Kai

A volunteer group supporting the movements of Tanpopo-No-Ye. It strives to realize a society where life and individuality are respected and all can live vibrantly. The members support the Tanpopo group by managing the “Birthday Fund”, and organizing charity bazaars and concerts, etc., for fund raising and for promoting community awareness. Anyone is welcome to join.

Tanpopo-No-Ye Art Center HANA

Art Center HANA respects the dignity of the individual and strives for the creation of culture of universality that thrives with individuality.

A community art center, consisting of various facilities, where anyone can express themselves freely and communicating with their full sensitivity. At its studio, people with disabilities pursuing visual arts and performing arts can let their individuality flow; at the gallery, various forms of expressions by people living in present-day society are introduced; people can enjoy each other’s company at the café & shop; and, information center and meeting room provide opportunities to exploring the boundless possibilities of the arts.

Art Center HANA is co-managed by Tanpopo-No-Ye Foundation, Wataboshi-No-Kai Social Welfare Corporation, and Nara Tanpopo-No-Kai.

  • Open Tuesdays-Thursdays, 10:00-17:00
  • Closed Sundays and Mondays
  • Facilities are closed for extended periods in summer and year-end/New Year period. Gallery hours are subject to change during special exhibitions.
  • We welcome anyone to tour our facilities and activities – please feel free to contact us.

Tanpopo-No-Ye Art Center HANA
Address: 3-25-4 Rokujo Nishi, Nara City, JAPAN 630-8044
TEL +81-742-43-7055
FAX +81-742-49-5501